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Team: Our Team
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Principle Investigator

Gül obtained her Ph.D. from Lehigh University in 2017. After working for four years at Princeton University as a postdoc, she joined UH Chemical Engineering faculty in January 2022. 

Outside being a traditional chemical engineer, she is a master in almost all kinds of card games (former professional bridge player), enjoys yoga and martial arts, has a secret love of playing classical Turkish musical instruments and baking. 



Postdoctoral Research Associate

Alexander earned his Ph.D. in Physics from Florida State University in 2011 and joined the team in April 2023. He currently works on the development of a continuum model and its integration into a multiscale framework to simulate liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) in the context of biological systems. Understanding LLPS better provides us with a clearer picture of phenomena such as transcription regulation and neurodegenerative diseases due to pathological aggregates.

He spends leisure time with his family, works on some data science projects, and enjoys outdoor activities.



Postdoctoral Research Associate

Atanu has earned his Ph.D. from Jadavpur University in 2021 and has joined the team in January 2022.  He is working on a computational project where we aim to understand the molecular picture of a vital phenomenon in biological complexity: liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) in crowded environments.

He is curious about almost everything, always ready to learn and he consciously strive to become a better person each day. He wishes to put his scientific efforts towards making our environment a better place for all the living species not only for the 'hoomans'.🙂



Graduate Student

Ayush completed his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur and joined our lab in January 2022. He is interested in investigating the phase separation of IDPs via coarse grained models and machine learning techniques. 

Outside the lab, he enjoys swimming, dancing, cooking, playing air hockey and absolutely doesn’t claim to be an expert in either of these. In his room, you will mostly catch him reading fiction novels or watching Friends.

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Graduate Student

Karim obtained his BSc degree in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and joined the lab in January 2022. He is studying RNA structure and dynamics in a variety of contexts, ranging from ribonucleoprotein assemblies to viral replication, using high-resolution computer models and advanced sampling techniques.

Outside the lab, Karim is highly focused on self-exploration in trying to find his true self 🤓🧐



Graduate Student

Kosar got her BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and joined the lab in January 2022. She is working on strategies to back-map the course-grained trajectories of protein condensates on the atomistic scale using machine-learning techniques.

She is interested in hiking, traveling, psychology, and genuinely looking for new experiences.

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Graduate Student

Nehil completed his B. Tech in Chemical Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology in 2021. Currently, he is studying the working mechanisms of human transcription factors and their interactions with their transactivation domains using coarse-grained molecular simulations. 

In his leisure time, he likes to watch movies, sing his favorite genre of songs, and play cricket.

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Graduate Student

Eduardo obtained his BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Autonomous University of Zacatecas and joined our lab in January 2023. He is studying transcriptional condensates to develop multiscale simulations and machine-learning techniques to tackle condensate pathologies.

You will always find him trying different food and new places. He enjoys swimming, cycling, playing volleyball, and any other kind of outdoor activity, especially riding a motorcycle.



Undergrad Student

Minh is a rising junior (as of Summer 2022) at the University of Houston studying Biochemistry. She is working on back-mapping the coarse-grained portrayed aberrant TF condensates on atomistic resolution.

In her free time, she works on her online graphic design courses and reads mystery-solving novels. She is a very curious person and is interested in every little mystery of life.



Undergrad Student

Ibad is a sophomore Honors Chemical Engineering undergraduate student at the University of Houston. He joined the lab in July 2022 and is currently working on a computational project studying the endocytic pathways of carbon nanotubes for drug delivery systems.

Outside of the lab, he has a passion for watching and playing sports including cricket, football, basketball, and table tennis, among others. He strives to give achieve the best that he can in whatever opportunities he is given.



Team: Our Team



Team: Our Team
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